Saturday, 23 January, 2021

This essay presents a reflection about the culture of the food consumption of beans in Brazil, while a historical-cultural approach was produced. The proposed theme was theoretically validated through the idea of ​​local game power and an understanding of food culture in the context of culture as defined by Claude Lévi-Strauss. The historical-cultural look, not only broadens the scientific reading of quantitative data of consumption of a food, but also guarantees a broader, meaningful and dynamic understanding of food consumption. The historical and cultural component of food is thus as important as the economic and nutritional component in promoting an adequate, healthy and sustainable current. By showing that the bean is alien to the food-commodity served at the Shopping Center in a globalized culture, we must consider food as a being constituted by a national historical heritage. And if this same commercial circuit sells foods that are not nutritious, we must encourage the organization of another cultural, local, regional and national circuits, even didactic, popular, aiming at the valorization of its memory and its symbolic representation.

Author Biographies

Fábio Libório Rocha, University Center of the Federal District
PhD in Clinical Psychology, Professor of the University Center of the Federal DistrictErica

Ell, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation
Phd in Environment and Development, Researcher at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation.

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