Saturday, 23 January, 2021

The Program of Food, Nutrition and Culture (PALIN), of Fiocruz Brasília, in january 2019, launched The Journal of Food and Culture in the Americas (RACA), which receives manuscripts resulting of research with focus on Food, contemplating opinions related to different themes, such as social sciences, communication, economics, geography, history, tourism, gastronomy, public health, human nutrition, among other topics.

The goal of the RACA is to stimulate the understanding of historical factors, social, political and economic problems and their consequences for the choices, attitudes, habits, beliefs, taboos and feeding practices to society, by means of the international dissemination of knowledge food and culture, inserting the Fiocruz a important scenario in order to contribute to the advancement of science in this area.

The Journal began from discussions promoted by the Network of Food and Culture (F&C), ten years ago, by the initiative of researchers of the Fiocruz, Denise Oliveira and Denise Barros. The researchers met together academics involved with themes related to food and nutrition, considering wich way to eat from a group of persons are refers to a series of sociocultural factors, in addition to the nutritional aspects.